Capturing the Heart and Soul of the UAE!

Abu Dhabi-Following the success of last year’s “I Love UAE” video competition, the initiative is being re-launched in 2012 with a revised name and an extended production period. The “We Love UAE 2012” competition encourages people from all over the UAE to express their love for the country they call home with a two-minute video.

Originally conceived as a standalone creative initiative, it became a significant contributor to the UAE’s 40th birthday celebrations, with the top entries broadcast on UAE TV stations. CEO of competition organizer BrandMoxie Sana Bagersh said interest and inquiry levels for a 2012 competition has been enormous, with schools and universities urging their students to participate.

“The ‘I Love UAE’ competition really struck a chord with the creative community. Many young people took up the artistic challenge, and their level of enthusiasm and passion was amazing.”

“Once last year’s competition was over we were asked by artistic groups and media departments at schools to run it again. We decided now was the time to launch the 2012 edition to give entrants the whole summer to prepare their submissions,” said Bagersh.

Dubai-based Alina Mustafina, last year’s winner in the “Me” category, said making her entry “Many Hearts – One Love” changed her life.

“I enjoyed making the video so much that I knew I had to give up my boring plans and study filmmaking.”

After completing her prize of a 12-week intensive course at New York Film Academy, Mustafina moved to Spain to study for a Masters in filmmaking, inspiring her husband to change his career direction as well.

“I would like to thank the ‘I Love UAE’ video competition team for changing my life in a positive and creative direction.”

The “Me and My School” category was won by Shabari Shankar, a student from the Abu Dhabi Indian School who produced an original composition with her bandmates.

The “We Love UAE 2012” competition will be accompanied by workshops and discussion forums. Last year’s seminar explored challenges and opportunities in the UAE film industry. The panelists, who were also the judges of the competition, were from The New York Film Academy, Image Nation, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi TV, The British School Al Khubairat and the American Community City.

The closing date for entries is 1 October 2012, with full entry details available at