We offer advisory and consulting services in:

•  Interculturalism and Corporate Culture

Of great importance and urgency is the need for institutions to build internal cultures that promote cultural sensitivity, tolerance, and empathy. We build diversity programmes that are focused on open discussion, sharing of ideas and appreciation of other perspectives.  This begins with developing the messaging strategy that reflects the spirit of the organization, and creating a programme for positive engagement to encourage appreciation for diversity, empathy skills, validation, the sharing of experiences, and team building strategies to foster a sense of identity and belonging.

•  Innovation and Intrapreneurship 

We build innovation platforms within your organization that enables new ideas to be generated from within your organization, as well as through partners and the community.  We leverage open innovation to involve external stakeholders and the community, and integrate  robust intrapreneurship programming to unlock the potential of your staff.  We utilize dynamic communication tools and strategies that align with your business goals, and link to the challenges and  processes that your organization focuses on.

•  International Stakeholder Relations

We develop strong brand building and thought leadership platforms that enhance your reputation. As part of this process, we help your organisation develop your internation communication requirements, the strategy to achieve your goals, and the key ‘publics’ or ‘stakeholders’ that need to be engaged. We execute strategic digital communication that is aimed at enhancing communication and developing strategic collaborations.

•  Corporate Social Responsibility

We provide advisory services  on how to develop and execute Corporate Social Responsibility programmes within your company or organization in areas that support sustainability, social enterprises and intrapreneurship, starting with the strategy and the platform required to execute activities that  will enhance your brand  and business objectives. We can create CSR strategic initiatives with clear tactical plans that are result driven and that integrate stakeholders and the community.

•  Crisis Management and Media Training

We develop rapid response communication platforms  that can be deployed to mitigate the impact of the crises. This includes everything from communication risk register development to spokesperson training.