Strategic Brandbuilding

We deliver high powered strategies through our ’360 integrated brandbuilding programme’ with a holistic approach that includes traditional and digital PR along with experiential elements.  We are meticulous in messaging, streamlining all touchpoints internally and externally to build brands that have strategic sustained and streamlined visibility. We also build online credentials for corporates, institutions, government and leaders. 

Advertising and PR

We implement targeted and broad campaigns, across all comms vehicles, that are linked to clear objectives and ROIs. We offer turnkey services from strategy to creative development through to implementation.  We develop branding collateral, including manuals, comms messaging, merchandising and space design. experiential spaces that achieve outreach and targeted cutthrough.  We develop digital and printed brochures, magazines, sales literature, info kits, books and newsletters.

Events and Experiences

While we organize large scale conferences and summits, we excel within our industry in thought leadership programmes and strategic events that include roundtables, challenges, hackathons and discovery sessions. We are able to deliver high quality programmes by bringing in the right stakeholders to participate in impact focused discussions and ebates. We are skilled at building collaborations across our diverse network of alliances that deliver continuity, efficient allocation of resources, and a longterm vision for outreach and engagement.


Through our innovation and leadership platform Tamakkan, BrandMoxie can set up specialised thinktanks that extend consulting, research, analysis, guidance and direction to clients who seek capable resources to address business challenges. The ‘Tamakkan Braintrust thinktank’ is an assembly of industry specialists and academicians who are assembled to develop solutions and recommendations to address policy and institutional challenges.


SME Lab is delivered through BrandMoxie’sTamakkan initiative which aimed at supporting SMS growth in the country by helping entrepreneurs deploy their businesses efficiently and cost effectively. SME Lab supports entrepreneurs by offering discounted packages for new entrepreneurs and SMEs. In addition we offer providing ongoing free learning opportunities through our monthly Tamakkan seminars which are focused on entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership.


BrandMoxie is recognised for its publishing services. We have produced books and magazines for universities, companies and authors. We have extensive publishing expertise to deliver a wide variety of publications including newsletters, coffee table books, annual reports, sales collateral and online learning platforms.


We provide a holistic approach in assisting our client’s retail ventures, from developing retail strategy and design, creating strong branding, and facilitating launch services for market entry. After product or service launch, we can further assist in the production of marketing plans, advertising campaign executions and the development of loyalty programmes and growth strategies.


We understand that marketing and branding is a dynamic and responsive process, and that responding to the market is, at times, as important as the vision of our clients. Our research is crucial in giving us the raw data from which we produce our strategy, and ranges from branding audits and brand perception research to customer and employee surveys. From our research, we can ascertain how our clients’ brand is perceived, both internally and publicly, and thus develop nuanced and consider marketing strategies.

BrandMoxie Films

We offer new activation opportunities for brands in the form of strategic product placement in a broad range of media. BrandMoxie innovates in new formats in film, TV, webisodes and mobisodes, and has projects under development. BrandMoxie works with an experienced team of content writers and production specialists and integrates a holistic approach to brand building and management.

Mobile Solutions

BrandMoxie can offer you a cost effective, highly optimised mobile phone site that provides only the critical information that leads to sales and engagement. It will enable people visiting your site via mobile to reach you easily and instantaneously without the fuss of navigating a full-fledged website, For instance a restaurant can show only its menu, prices, location and coupons. A business can show a streamlined information about services and products, with a promotional video as well location and contact details. A mobile phone site can integrate with feedback forms, order forms, google maps, social media and customer usage data.