Posted on 01/06/2010
A UAE magazine, Abu Dhabi Tempo, will on June 1 become the first in the region to adopt mobile tagging technology that enhances the reader’s experience through instantaneous mobile phone engagement with external content.

The magazine has been ‘tagged’ with Microsoft Tag ‘barcodes’ that link directly to dynamic web pages that can be accessed through the mobile phone. According to Microsoft, this technology has to date been used in a handful of magazines, including Conde Nast titles Golf Digest and Lucky. Microsoft Tag had been under testing for 18 months, and came out of beta on 27 May 2010.

We’ve looked at the various mobile tag options and believe that Microsoft Tag delivers a simple yet robust platform,” said Sana Bagersh, CEO of BrandMoxie, the marketing agency that is publisher of the magazine and promoter of mobile tagging technology. “We’re excited to be part of this compelling mobile phone technology as it redefines the reader’s experience and greatly enhances the print medium.” “Abu Dhabi Tempo’s readers tend to be young, educated, more technologically aware and early adopters of mobile phone innovations, so we believe tags are the perfect medium to add to the magazine,” said Bagersh.

She explained that mobile phone tags will engage customers dynamically, directing them through an instantaneous experience via the mobile phone to a brand’s special promotions, product and service showcases, videos, instructional information, contests, coupons etc.

The Microsoft Tag can be placed anywhere and once snapped on a smart phone can direct the user directly to the product or service’s brand experience. The agency is exploring ways this technology can be integrated in retail, e-government, entertainment, education and healthcare scenarios.– Emirates News Agency, WAM