Tamakkan Seminar On Innovative Thinking



The event, held at Mamoura, featured Julie Lewis, founder of Mountain High, thriller novelist SeumasGallacher, entrepreneur Younis al Sulaimi, and a posse of local and international poets, led by award winning slam poet Paul D’ Rogers.

Inspirational speaker Lewis spoke about her recent expedition to Antarctica with women breast cancer survivors and the impact a journey of such magnitude can shape one’s perspective on life, courage and achievement. “Climbing a mountain is much like business, you have to set your goals and open up your thinking to new experiences.” She advised entrepreneurs to be more courageous and to continually readjust their mental markers to explore new ways of thinking. She also showed a short film of the women’s expedition aimed at raising awareness about breast cancer.

Lewis, who is from England and lives in the UAE, travels across the world on vision-seeking expeditions.

Thriller novelist SeumasGallacher, from Scotland and residing in the UAE, spoke about his meteoric success in self publishing, explaining how he wrote his books, distributed them and continues to market them through local bookstores and Amazon’s online bookstore. His two books received over 60,000 downloads on Kindle and his social media following is paving the way for the imminent launch of his third novel. Gallacher runs a business consultancy but sees writing becoming a possible full-time career.

“I believe I two kinds of days, good days and better days. As an entrepreneur you should try, make mistakes, and keep on trying. Giving up is not an option. For self publishers, writing is only the first part, then there is editing, publishing, distribution and then marketing. Don’t ignore the next wave in publishing: Kindle and E-books are the secret to success, and social media plays an integral role.”

Sana Bagersh, the founder of Tamakkan stressed the need for entrepreneurs to continue learning and growing, by exploring all sources of information and inspiration. ‘At Tamakkan we see the growth of the entrepreneurial spirit as something that extends well beyond business, and extending into the realms of spiritual enrichment and creative exploration”.

Younis al Sulaimi, an Emirati entrepreneur whose 3-D printing business is supported by the UAE’s Khalifa Fund, offered an insightful view into the challenges and opportunities associated with setting up a pioneering technological venture. “It has been a rewarding experience and the entire team is very enthusiastic about the future of 3D printing.

Being a forerunner in a new business area comes with a lot of difficulties, and the main one is that you can’t start marketing the usual way, you first have to educate people, and that is something that takes a lot of time.”