Tamakkan Ushers the New Year with Entrepreneurial Inspiration


Tamakkan, a knowledge-sharing platform established by BrandMoxie, a leading advertising agency in the UAE operates under the patronage of Fatima bintHazza Cultural Foundation (FHCB), and is supported by Aldar and AmCham Abu Dhabi.

Empowerment coach Randa Al Zein started the seminar with a presentation that “Resolutions Don’t Work, Commitments to Yourself Do!” in which she debunked prevailing assumptions about resolutions and goal keeping.

“Knowing what you want to do in life is not enough. You have to have a strong reason – one that resonates with you emotionally. That is the only way that you will move forward and take real action towards achieving your goals,” said Al Zein, who is founder of the Be You International Educational Consultancy. “Few are aware of this and that is why the old fashioned resolutions does not work.”

Jules Lewis, a motivational speaker specializing in leadership, adventure and wellness, outlined “The Four Keys to Peak Performance How to THINK, EAT, MOVE, and SLEEP like a Winner.”

“The ability to manage your personal energy is the key to success in business, sports and life. You can do this through tips, tools and strategies that can be effective for enhancing peak performance,” said the founder of Jules Lewis Consulting.

Tamakkan’s monthly seminars offer guidance to entrepreneurs on topics ranging from financing, marketing and product development, all the way to international business expansion, integrating new technologies and the importance of maintaining health and balance.

“Each January Tamakkan always focuses on kicking-off the year to a terrific start, and getting excited entrepreneurs focused on goal-setting, innovating and also on achieving a healthy balance between work and family,” said Sana Bagersh, Founder of Tamakkan, and CEO of BrandMoxie.

Maysoon Barber, Business Director at Fatima bintHazza Cultural Foundation, added, “At the foundation, we believe that spiritual and personal well-being go hand-in-hand with sustained entrepreneurial performance and commercial success. Entrepreneurs thrive in a community such as Tamakkan that not only covers business matters, but also acknowledges fears, hopes and aspirations.”

At the seminar, Tamakkan also shared the stories of inspiring initiatives kicking off in 2015. Emirati inspirational coach Omar Al Busaidy spoke about the launch of his book “Just Read It,” which is a collection of insights about emotional and social intelligence. Award winning poet Dorian Rogers introduced “The Abu Dhabi International Poetry Festival,” an event organized by his Rooftop Rhythms poetry platform together with BrandMoxie. In addition wellness coach Jody Ballard shared the inspiring challenge she is leading called the Women’s Heritage Walk, which is a six-day desert trek from Al Ain to Abu Dhabi that celebrates heritage and women’s achievement.