Tamakkan Braintrust

BrandMoxie can set up specialised thinktanks that extend analysis, guidance and direction to clients who seek counsel for business challenges. Our ‘thinktank quorum’ is an assembly of industry specialists and academicians who are assembled to meet the specific requirements of the client.

The specialists can offer high-end insight and recommendations on a broad range of business related matters, whether this is for a specific task or on longterm projects. Outsourcing of innovation and problem solving is rapidly growing, offering a fast, efficient and effective solution to a wide range of challenges. Our think tanks put your challenges in the hands of specialists, giving you the answers that you need to grow and develop. Contact us on

Brandmoxie offers highly tailored and individualised think-tank opportunities in several broad categories:

•  Change Management

Change management involves managing and facilitating change in a public and private institutions while optimizing outcomes for successful integration and public acceptance. Successful change management does not end with the introduction of the change element, but begins with the programmes aimed engaging the people affected by change, and encouraging their proactive participation. BrandMoxie's consultants can guide you through this process and help you achieve success.

•  Environmental Marketing

As environmental concerns take greater importance and urgency, public institutions and organisations will be under greater pressure to introduce campaigns that are aimed at changing behavioural change towards conservation and protecting our planet. BrandMoxie can participate as the communication arm of collaborative government and corporate initiatives, developing the informational component of campaigns, and providing insight on the strategy of effective messaging. We offer flexibility in engagement, whether an institution requires a full fledged team, or consultants to provide top line guidance and strategy development.

•  Strategy Alignment

BrandMoxie utilises our own proprietary tool called BRACSTAL, that ensures that all communication in an organisation is aligned tightly to objectives. BRACSTAL stands for Brand Acuity Strategic Alignment, a solution that focuses on identifying the key strategy drivers in a public institution or a company, and makes sure that all information is appropriately and effectively channelled down through all tiers of the institution. These solutions enable executives to express the company’s strategic objectives in a pragmatic manner that ensures that all activities are aligned throughout an institution. The result is greater efficiency, higher performance, and better achievement.

•  Stakeholder Relations

Stakeholder relations has a strong public relations dimension. As part of this process, we can help your organisation identify its key ‘publics’ or ‘stakeholders’ and create strategic plans aimed at enhancing communication with each entity. We can focus on each ‘stakeholder’ and develop an integrated programme aimed an developing stronger relationships, achieving buy-in, or securing longterm support. Relationship building is a systematic process of engaging the key people that are relevant for a company or public institution, safeguarding their support and encouraging their proactive participation.

•  Corporate Social Responsibility

BrandMoxie can guide you through the process of developing Corporate Social Responsibility programmes within your company or organisation, recommending activities that will enhance your brand and business portfolio. We can create CSR strategic initiatives with clear tactical plans that are result driven, integrating best practices and real life project experiences.

•  Crisis Management

Crises require quick strategic thinking and rapid information deployment. While proactive communication is a critical platform in an organisation’s that mitigates the impact of a ‘crisis,’ sometimes events or situations occur that are unanticipated and that can cause considerable damage. BrandQuorum can step in to assess a crisis situation, provide an evaluation, and offer appropriate recommendations. 
We can send in information experts to provide high level consulting, or deploy whole teams to manage a communication activity.