BrandMoxie Produces Content And Multimedia

We offer clients content creation services that boost digital and internal communication platforms. We begin with a strategy mapping exercise to identify the company’s priorities and reputation building opportunities. We then provide options for content creation in all its forms for brand building or tactical marketing, from highly creative interactive digital content, to mini-shots of stylized content for social media. These include new formats in film, TV, webisodes and mobisodes.

BrandMoxie works with an experienced team of content writers and production specialists and integrates a holistic approach to brand building and management.

We assist with production planning, budgeting and scheduling. We will read your script and advise on the most time and cost effective ways to shoot in New York and in the US. Our other services include:

•  Location scouting
•  Pre production
•  Casting and crewing
•  Equipment and studio rentals
•  Production and postproduction
•  Subtitling Arabic/English/French
•  Arab culture/language consultation
•  Marketing material and press junkets

Moxie Social Videos

BrandMoxie presents video packages that will build your exposure, engagement, and results! We work with over 100,000 footages + animation templates to present your ideas in the simplest and most effective way. Create videos of up to 60 seconds to drive traffic to your social media channels and extend your reach as you see your numbers increase like never before.