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Welcome to BrandMoxie, a leading advertising agency based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. At BrandMoxie we strive to be a different kind of agency; one that is vibrant, forward looking, and genuine in its focus on the health of the client’s business. We do this through our commitment to delivering quality results along with exceptional services. We offer our clients a one-stop shop with the entire breadth of marketing services, from strategy consulting and research, to advertising design and campaign implementation, to branding and image-building, to product launches and custom event organisation.


We believe that work that comes from the heart shows. That passion shows. Commitment shows. Moxie really shows. We love to immerse ourselves in the work of our clients. We thrive in collaborations and excel when we're partnering with clients' teams. We're energized by solving challenges that seem insurmountable to others, and in the transformational power of big ideas.


BrandMoxie offers a one-stop shop with the entire breadth of marketing services, from strategy consulting and research, to advertising design and campaign implementation, to branding and image-building, to product launches and custom event organisation.

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Strategy and PR

We provide all the tools needed to the development of a complete and cohesive marketing strategy, working with our clients to produce a solution that is cohesive, effective and unique. BrandMoxie’s integrated ’360 advanced PR’ combines traditional PR (print, radio, TV) and specifically internet and social media. We develop key messaging that achieves strategic comms objectives and streamline all content in PR and across all corporate collateral and ”consumer touchpoints’. We are especially adept to rapid image building where a client needs to establish quality online credentials to assist in business deal-making.

Advertising and Branding

We implement full campaigns from creative idea development to strategy creation and implementation across multiple vehicles, including print, TV, radio, internet outdoor, on-site promotions and merchandising, outreach and new media such as guerilla strategies and mobile marketing. On a BTL level we have experience with development of complete collateral solutions including brochures, sales and info kits, books and magazines.

Event Management

We have extended and diverse experience in the development and delivery of high profile events, from seminars and conferences to launch events. Our emphasis is on collaboration with our clients, awareness of brand image and requirements, efficient allocation of resources, and the deployment of our broad and diverse network of alliances, in order to execute events that conform to, and exceed, the vision of our clients.


BrandMoxie can set up specialised thinktanks that extend analysis, guidance and direction to clients who seek counsel for business challenges. The ‘thinktank quorum’ is an assembly of industry specialists and academicians who are assembled to meet the specific requirements of the client.


BrandMoxie is recognised for its publishing services. We have produced books and magazines for universities, companies and authors. We have extensive publishing expertise to deliver…


We provide a holistic approach in assisting our client’s retail ventures, from developing retail strategy and design, creating strong branding, and facilitating launch services for market entry.


We understand that marketing and branding is a dynamic and responsive process, and that responding to the market is, at times, as important as the vision of our clients.

BrandMoxie Films

We offer new activation opportunities for brands in the form of strategic product placement in a broad range of media. BrandMoxie innovates in new formats in film, TV, webisodes and mobisodes, and has projects under development. BrandMoxie works with an experienced team of content writers and production specialists and integrates a holistic approach to brand building and management.


MoxieStudio is a BrandMoxie/ Tamakkan initiative that is aimed at supporting SMS growth in the country by helping entrepreneurs deploy their businesses efficiently and cost effectively. Moxie Studio supports entrepreneurs by offering highly optimized packages and rates for new entrepreneurs and SMEs.

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