As part of BrandMoxie’s strategic communications services, we offer corporate culture design, development and delivery that include programming that is focused on greater staff engagement, including social events, learning workshops and strategy sessions. Our strategy and creative teams can build activities that address and mitigate communication challenges that affect a company’s growth and hamper its performance.

We offer Team Building and Peformance Optimisation services that focus on identifying communication obstacles in a company or organization and developing an effective solution. One of the key communication power tools we employ is our “Team Building” programme.


Team Building I – This is aimed at creating empathy, friendship and cohesion. It focuses on enhancing a company’s corporate culture and nurturing familiarity and teamwork. We have a toolbox of powerful games that are enjoyable and bring teams together. There a wide range of activities including problem solving puzzles, quizzes, mental tests and physical challenges. These are aimed at fostering friendly competition and creative thinking. They can help a company’s staff ‘get out of its rut’ and can release energy and a sense of collective purpose.

NEW! Creative teambuilding activities using robotics, drama, art and poetry!

Team Building II – This is more of a remedial response to an existing problem within an organization. The strategy for team building would be focused on addressing the communication gap that exists between different departments; and the inability by staff to ‘connect’ effectively to perform. Sometimes members of staff are unable to appreciate the role of other colleagues in the overall mission of the company, and the benefits of synergic teamwork. The activities are similar as in Team Building One, however the games are carefully structured, and modified, to achieve specific responses and outcomes. Team Building Two involves a scoping process where our team is given adequate insight and information to develop effective and customized team building solutions.

Team Building III – This is highly strategic and is driven by a critical organizational need. This could be in response to simple or extensive change management related issues where the company needs to build teamwork and cohesion after the introduction of new management, new policies and new projects. The organization may have restructured after a merger or acquisition, or is the process of preparing its work teams for new business challenges. Our structured team building programme would have activities that are focused on paving the way for the adoption of new changes in a company by securing staff ‘buy-in’; nurturing trust and building confidence.

BrandMoxie can develop and facilitate team building sessions that may be for a few hours or a few days, depending on the requirements and the desired goals. We can develop bespoke programs that are uniquely tailored to your company’s culture and business objectives.

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