Pay Per Click

Among the online visibility services , in addition to optimizing the search engine site ( SEO ), BrandMoxie offers its customers the management of online advertising campaigns through Google Adwords, the leading search marketing tool.

Unlike social media marketing activities , with which we can propose a specific niche of users to our content, through our pay per click marketing campaigns, we can instead intercept specific user searches and show our content to those who are actually looking for it. Especially in scenarios where online searches are highly competitive, organic placement may be very complex and expensive, so it is often desirable to use multiple marketing strategies (marketing mix) to increase online visibility.

Google Adwords is a very useful tool that allows us to reach potential customers by showing the ad among the first search results on Google or within the partner circuit. With Google Adwords we can manage internet marketing campaigns thanks to a complex but very powerful tool with which we can track conversions and return on investment .

We also offer you with Facebook ads which are passive and helps you to reach specific niche. With facebook ads you can laser target your audience and build your marketing email list or simply increase brand awarness of your products or services.

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