Mobile Websites Design, Development And Deployment

BrandMoxie can offer you a cost effective, highly optimised mobile phone site that provides only the critical information that leads to sales and engagement. It will enable people visiting your site via mobile to reach you easily and instantaneously without the fuss of navigating a full-fledged website, For instance a restaurant can show only its menu, prices, location and coupons. A business can show a streamlined information about services and products, with a promotional video as well location and contact details. A mobile phone site can integrate with feedback forms, order forms, google maps, social media and customer usage data.

Get A Quick, Inexpensive, High Impact Mobile Website That Includes:

•  Rich mobile experiences
•  Slide shows and videos
•  Elegant and intuitive design
•  Customized branding
•  Social sharing (FB likes, Twitter feeds)
•  Geo location (store finder app)
•  Mobile-lead generation
•  M-commerce (PayPal or credit cards)
•  Mobile coupons and QR integration
•  Statistics on form and coupon conversions
•  Content management system

Why Get A Mobile Website?

Close to 80% of businesses do not have a mobile optimized website presence. With the growing popularity of smart phones, and more and more visitors using their mobile devices for information lookup, searches or purchases, the need for mobile-friendly websites or landing pages is critical and can significantly impact a business’ bottom line.


79% of shoppers are using their smart phones for their purchasing needs


Over 80% of mobile interactions result in an action to buy or visit a shop


Mobile devices have surpassed PCs as the access of choice

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