eCommerce Solutions

Multivendor Marketplace

The perfect multivendor solution to start sales optimized mega stores like Etsy and eBay. High secure, scalable and mobile ready, it brings powerful features for merchants, admin, and users to simplify complicated tasks.

Android and iOS apps available


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Multi-vendor Rental Marketplace Software

Leading eCommerce marketplace software for entrepreneurs who want to build a next-generation rental marketplace. The mobile-optimized system is fully customizable and packed with advanced features to launch a rental marketplace for renting & selling everything from dresses, textbooks, furniture, tools, gadgets to travel & sports gear and heavy equipment with ease.


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Food Ordering Marketplace

System allows merchants (vendors) to run multiple restaurants with single account, thereby making it extremely easy to manage restaurant details, menu, offers, orders, review and payments from one single place. Merchants also have an option to add sub-users to manage different restaurants.

Android and iOS apps available


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Local Deals Marketplace

A full-fledged multivendor portal that helps website owners sell vast range of products, travel offers, and discount deals through merchants. Highly scalable in nature, it packs fascinating features that make it the best turnkey solution available in the market to sell deals, getaways (Only V4) & products simultaneously.


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Online Cab Booking

Online Cab Booking is our answer to entrepreneurs who want to start with own cab booking app business. It comes packed with features supported by deep market analysis and a user experience that’s a joy to explore every time the app is launched.

Online Cab Booking Comes with all the Essential Features


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Multi Vendor Grocery Store

Grocery software that has been delivering an impeccable shopping experience since its inception. Leveraging functionalities like admin and seller area management, delivery app, along with system-level features like WhatsApp notification, broadcasting time, and order reassignment, It has been reinventing the way users shop. With a deep focus on comfort and security, it creates an online multi-vendor grocery marketplace that is easy to use and simple to navigate. That’s what empowers it to build an efficient marketplace for the grocery business.

Android and iOS apps available


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Marketplace For Service Seekers And Professionals

Time is the most valuable commodity nowadays, and nothing proves this widely accepted fact than growing popularity of platforms to hire everyday help. The growth of service marketplaces however was being halted by huge design and development cost of such websites. A turnkey solution to launch advanced service marketplaces.


Create Marketplace For Service Seekers And Professionals

Care Services Marketplace Solution

For all sorts of care services like childcare, adult/senior care, pet care, and more, It is an impeccable system to develop online marketplace. High on performance as a ready made solution and clearly affordable as a custom design source, it’s a pioneer in care services marketplace development.


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Online Learning and Consultancy Platform

An effective online learning platform is here to help you! By leveraging an online video chat option, it ensures a successful collaboration between the learners and the teachers. As numerous courses are available on the portal, a learner can book a specific course by searching for a respective teacher, selecting the preferred time slot, and making payment for the scheduled lesson. Likewise, before delivering a lesson, a teacher needs to register and create a public teaching profile with their experience on the website. The website is controlled by the administrator who gets a commission from every lesson booking.


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