Content Creation

The best way to achieve cut-through on social and digital platforms is to use quality video content. You should have a video content strategy that enhances your brand and achieves your business targets. Videos achieve greater engagement and longer term customer loyalty.

Our social media short videos are cost effective for continuous engagement and brand building. They focus on a simple video or image and a strategic message. It fits social media or digital advertising requirements perfectly. It can be used repeatedly to reinforce messaging, across multiple platforms, and can be added to your marketing toolkit.

BrandMoxie works with more than 100,000 high quality video footage that are especially finetuned and tested for impact and engagement value.  We also work with more than 50 audio samples and in addition, you have the option to include your own video and audio as well!

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Reputation Building Videos

These are authoritative videos that position your brand and your leadership sharing quality knowledge that establishes you as leaders in the industry.  These are easily shareable and can be leveraged across multiple platforms including Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Shorts

These are short videos that are easily consumable across social media and achieve organic cut-through. Ideally they  run from 10 seconds to 15 second, 30 second and 60 second intervals.  They can be high impact visuals that integrate messaging and a call to action. These are ideal for Instagram,  Facebook and Twitter