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Send us your movie along with the details mentioned below and the signed copy of the acknowledgement letter through WeTransfer (https://www.wetransfer.com) to the following email : projects@brandmoxie.com.

PS: Please use the subject line: “SMOVIES SUBMISSION” 

Your submission through WeTransfer should have the following files:

  1. File with your complete details (Full name, phone number, email address, movie name and short description of your movie) – PDF or Doc format.
  2. Signed Copy of the acknowledgment letter (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT LETTER)
  3. Your movie 

Technical terms and conditions:

  1. Please make sure you send all 3 files mentioned above through We Transfer in the above mentioned email.
  2. The maximum file size allowed is 500MB.
  3. Only .mp4, .avi or .flv extensions are allowed.
  4. For any technical query or for an alternate method of uploading your video, please send an email to: digital@brandmoxie.com with a subject line: “SMOVIES TECHNICAL QUERY”. 
  5. Failing to follow the instructions (like using the appropriate subject line, not submitting the signed copy of the acknowledgement letter etc.) may lead to rejection of the entry.