Danielle Arden

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I’m Danielle from Australia. I’m 30 years old and I hold a master’s degree in Acting from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London and a degree in Music Theatre from the National Institute Dramatic Art, Sydney. I have fifteen years’ experience as an actor and have worked and trained in London, New York, Sydney, Beirut and LA. I wrote, produced and directed independent films in London before widening my scope to commercial directing and documentary _making.

Film Concept

Our daily lives are filled with advertisements encouraging us to try this product or that experience for us to be happier. Sometimes it is important to remember that happiness

Doesn’t have to be something you strive for. Happiness can be something you already live, through the little moments, in the little thing, each and every day of your life. Happy people are those who appreciate the value of other people and things around them and their true meaning, which gives them a great deal of hope despite their simplicity.